What’s up with that.

Here we are in the new year and so a little update on what is going on in our lives is probably appropriate. Some might say goals, but I can’t even pin things to my board in Pinterest so I’m not about to be putting down GOALS in all caps. It’s a new year, but let’s not get crazy. Plus it’s almost the end of the month so resolutions is just a silly word to be throwing around at this point.

Anyway, at the top of Dash’s 2012 to do list was to catch an actual cold. Last Saturday night I was sure he had whooping cough and Zach and I listened to “the sounds of whooping cough” on the internet. Ugh. Don’t do it. That was enough to convince the logical one in our parenting team that Dash did not have whooping cough. The other more…hyper dramatic of us was just as convinced that we did have a whooping cough-er. Either way he went back to sleep and slept fine, but then spent the last three and a half days felling pretty congested and yucky.

We have stayed indoors away from all society for most of that time which led us to accomplishing another of Dash’s goals – playing with every single ball he owns all at once. It’s a game he named “Roll Ball.”

The boy is ball-wealthy. This picture is the equivalent of Scrooge McDuck swimming in a pool of his money.

On the top of my list is to run my second half marathon, hence the countdown to the right. I have also added a link to my twitter account where I talk only about running and post twit pics of things like my legs in a bathtub of ice.

After that I plan on doubling my mileage from last year. I think is will be easier than it sounds because I took a big chunk of the summer off after an injury from the last half marathon. I also dislike running in the heat of summer so I need to find some motivation to get through that.

And then on the potential goal list is running the Hospital Hill Half with my running buddy in June. This is still on the wait list in my mind because I need to overcome my whole fear of the heat thing first.

Other than running my to do list contains:

– opening an etsy shop

– continuing to follow this decluttering calendar: http://www.mysimplerlife.com/2012.htm

– and following this yearly reading guide: http://www.navpress.com/uploadedFiles/15074%20BRP.dj.pdf

So far so good.


Coolers full of beer and breast milk.

I am still recovering from my 44 miles relay race on Sunday. That is my excuse for not blogging so far this week. Even if I only ran a small portion of that 44 mile total I think it is a great excuse.

This was the third year for our team to “compete” in Brew to Brew, a relay race from Boulevard Brewery in KC to Free State Brewery in Lawrence. We were “competing” with other vans full of people at hanging out with our buds for eight hours, drinking , eating, running for a bit, hanging out at farm houses waiting for runners, and then eating and drinking more at Free State. We came in somewhere between first and last.

I got to have the glory of running the last leg and crossing the finish line carrying our tap handle baton. Being last also gave me the opportunity to run at the height of the  91-degree day during a wind storm. I have the sun and wind burns to prove it.

After slamming back two glasses of water and a one of Kool Aid I greeted my supportive husband and hungry, sweaty baby who had come into Lawrence to cheer me on. Being away from Dash all day meant that I had to pump twice – once in the car while we waited for one of our runners to finish his leg – and then the plan was that I would feed him at the end of the race. Because of our timing I was due to feed him immediately after crossing the finish line. Let’s just say it was one of the sweatiest, strangest public breastfeeding sessions yet.

Speaking of babies, our team has a unique tradition: having baby boys. The first year one of our friends had to sit out because she was pregnant with our team’s first baby and then last year I had to sit out because I was growing our team’s second baby boy.

This year no one had to sit out, but two out of three years is a pretty significant trend. We may need to change our team name to “There’s something in the water…or beer.”

Anyway, I was glad to be back with my team and we are already planning for next year. The first part of my plan is to have more beer and less breast milk.

Mom on the run.

If you see this type of situation coming toward you on the sidewalk:

move away quickly. Seriously, a mom jogging with a stroller and a labradoodle has no control and you will just be  roadkill. At least if it’s this mom.

Speaking of roadkill:

Really, Watson? Really? You are going to terrorize three people at the post office then snag this flattened squirrel all in one outing?

Back before I found out I was pregnant I was planning on training for and running my first half marathon. Once I finished my postpartum 21-day streak I decided I would start training for that goal again. So now…I am currently training for the Lincoln Half Marathon! Any excuse to get back home, I guess. I’ll even run 13.1 miles to get back to Nebraska if I have to.

This week I completed my first 9.5 mile run and it was great. Mainly because I didn’t have to wrangle thing 1 and thing 2 while running.

I have lots of support in my goal, but sometimes to get in a run I need to take the two smallest, drooliest members of my family with me. Dash usually does great, but Watson is another story entirely. Hence the roadkill.

But you do what you gotta do.


Birthday and race recap.

My last year in my twenties is my first year as a mother.

Waiting for our little guy to arrive made last year a pretty exciting one, but I imagine this year will be filled with all kinds of new experiences and excitement. For my birthday Zach and I went out for dinner and his parents came to watch Dash. It was fun, but we spent 80% of our time talking about our baby and he other 20% looking at someone else’s baby at the next table.

We were not out late because the next morning I had the Lung Hill Run 5k. I wanted to get back to running soon and participate in a race before it got too cold. My running buddy told me about this race which seemed like just the ticket.

This was a fun race. We started at Liberty Memorial and went down Main Street. It was chilly went the race started, but it was a sunny day and the race was a lot of fun.

The race allowed baby strollers and dogs so I think I’ll do it again next year and bring the BOB.

I was pleased with the race and glad I did it. The best part was having these two to greet me at the end.

The little one was enjoying his morning with dad.

Afterwards we went out for breakfast. It was a great way to continue my birthday celebration. When I was a kid I thought the whole month was for celebrating me.

I think somehow the rest of this month – and the rest of this year – will be about this little dude.

Twenty-one days done.

I posted awhile ago about how I picked up some new running shoes when Dash was a month old. I was waiting until my 6-week postpartum visit to start running again just to be safe. Once I got the ok from my doctor I was ready to go – except I had forgotten that life with a baby is not as simple as it used to be. Thanks to my supportive spouse I was out the door before the baby was seven weeks old and putting some miles on my new shoes.

It felt so great to be moving like that again and on that first run I started to make some goals in my head. I knew I wanted to run in a 5K before the year was over so I was going to have to train a little to do that. Then I was thinking that I should run every day for fourteen days to try to get back into a groove while the weather was still warm. And then I remembered reading about the theory that it takes 21 days to form a habit on a blog I like to read. I was nervous to make such a lofty goal on my first post-pregnancy run, but I also wanted to stay motivated and not fizzle out. By the time I got back home from that first run the goal was set firmly in my head.

That was…21 days ago! I actually completed my 21st consecutive jog on Thursday. The last two days of my streak were difficult for scheduling reasons, but that will probably be the norm so I feel even better that I got them done – again thanks to a supportive husband and a Labradoodle willing to be used as a night-light and bodyguard on some late runs. These were relatively short runs, anywhere from 1 mile to 3 1/2 miles, but it was a big deal for me. I reached my goal and the 21-day path was a good one. Now I have signed up to run the Lung Hill Run next weekend which happens to be the day after my birthday! This weekend I am taking a few days off and enjoying my accomplishment and some Halloween candy.

Breaking back into the world as a mother.

Being a parent changes you. Everyone said it would. People told me that I would think about my baby every moment of the day. They did not tell me that this meant I would find it appropriate to tell the man writing down my take out order at the Thai restaurant that I was breastfeeding. I heard that I would start talking about baby poo to everyone I know, but no one explained to me that instead of turning on the radio in the car I would choose to hum the melody of the wordless jingle my son’s activity gym plays while tapping my fingers happily along.

My doctor’s appointment went well this week which means I can start working out. I have been thinking about this moment since I stopped running at 6 months pregnant. Here’s the part I never thought about – when will I do this working out? I know it will be possible, but it is going to take a little more thinking than it did pre Dash.  I broke in the new running shoes tonight at the gym. It felt good to move that fast on my feet again. I knew it would be a challenge to get back into running after such a long break, but I didn’t know my knees would feel like those of  a newborn colt’s.  While I was there I checked out the childcare. If I workout during the day I can take Dash with me for $2 for up to two hours. This seems doable. I haven’t discussed it with the man of the house yet, but he is pretty easy-going no matter what his face says.

Mama’s got some brand new shoes.

To celebrate Dash’s successful one month appointment last week I went out and bought a new pair of running shoes.

My last pair expired while I was pregnant so I didn’t replace them. I have been thinking about my next pair of shoes for, oh, probably about 5 months. New running shoes are so exciting to me. So clean and white and ready to go. I went back to Garry Gribbles to get fitted because I have heard that many women’s shoe size change after pregnancy. I also wanted to try out a different brand.

Dash was 5 weeks old yesterday so I have about a week and a half before my 6 week postpartum doctor’s visit. I am waiting until then before starting back to doing anymore exercise than our daily walk.

I have decided to only do “growth” pictures with Dash and his monkey monthly so here is a photo of him from yesterday getting ready for our walk. It was chilly so he got to break out a hat.