A lesson in humility.

Last weekend I ran a 5k to get some race-day practice before the big event. It was 16 degrees at the start of the race and despite my two layers of pants and three layers of tops I felt like I might lose some limb to frostbite before the end of the 3.2 miles.

I didn’t and I even ran faster than I ever have for the 5k. I’m not much of a competitor and I think I still have yet to discover how far or fast I can truly push myself. So while 28:18 didn’t win me any medal for my age category I did PR, was proud of myself, and I did realize I might be able to run this half marathon a lot faster than the last one.

Where’s the humility in this blog post?

Here you go:


Ugh. I’ve never found a good race photo of myself, but this one is also a PR for me in bad race photos. (The clock is the clock time, not my chip time.) This is not at all the image I had of myself in my head as I pushed myself to sprint across the finish line. More than the competitors eye of the tiger I have the look of someone who is about to leap into a pit of alligators. All while apparently trying to squish my freezing face into my turtleneck.

I’m just going to go ahead and visualize myself as Kara Goucher as I cross the finish line in Ft. Lauderdale:

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images


Much better.